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Filtercrete™ and FilterStar: The Benefits of Pervious Concrete

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There are many different types of concrete, and each one has its own set of uses and specific benefits. Ozinga’s trademarked Filtercrete™ pervious concrete and FilterStar Porous Paving systems are both innovative building materials that offer multiple uses and include plenty of economic, environmental and structural advantages to make your next concrete project a success.

How does Filtercrete pervious concrete work?
Filtercrete pervious concrete is a very technical concrete mix with approximately 20 percent voids.  The FilterStar system uses Filtercrete as a stable base for porous pavers.  The FilterStar system eliminates the biggest problem with pavers; the settlement of the pavers which leads to trips and falls.  The interconnected voids in Filtercrete and FilterStar allow water to pass through the concrete instead of puddling on top. The voids also allow the water to evaporate back out of the detention stone below, cooling the air above.  Filtercrete and the FilterStar systems become colonized by natural microbes which breakdown pollutants like petroleum and fertilizers into CO2 and water.  They also filter out sediments and other pollutants as it drains. In addition, this filtered water can recharge local groundwater.

What are the benefits of pervious concrete?
Pervious concrete offers many benefits to local communities. It helps to reduce or eliminate stormwater runoff and helps reduce flooding. Because of the evapotranspiration of the water out of the system, it also can lower the heat island effect in urban areas. During the day, asphalt and buildings absorb light from the sun, which raises the temperature in urban areas. The heat absorbed in the asphalt pavements and dark-colored roofing is released, which significantly raises local temperatures.  This is referred to as the heat island effect. Since Filtercrete allows water to evaporate, this cools the air above. In addition, the lighter color of concrete will not absorb as much heat, also reducing the heat island effect.

Since water and air move more freely through the voids found in Filtercrete, this pervious concrete also benefits urban trees. Most trees surrounded by pavement last about 10 years and do not reach full mature size. However, trees can grow with Filtercrete or FilterStar placed up to 1 foot from the maximum trunk size of the tree without negatively impacting the tree or the concrete. Air and water can reach the tree’s roots, allowing the tree to grow to maturity. This allows urban areas to plant more trees and allows these trees to grow to full maturity.  The shade provided from full mature trees can also help to cool the area and reduce the heat island effect.

Finally, Filtercrete and FilterStar reduce flooding and improve local water quality. When stormwater washes away trash or oils found on roadways and parking lots, it carries these pollutants into retention ponds, sewers, and local water sources. Filtercrete and FilterStar filter and remove up to 85 percent of these pollutants.  While doing so, the detention system below fills up and holds the stormwater, then releases the treated stormwater slowly, reducing flood potential. The pollutants are broken down by microbes and filtered through the voids, which both cleans the stormwater and eliminates the need for expensive stormwater detention ponds.

Where is pervious concrete a good fit?
Filtercrete pervious concrete and the FilterStar porous paving system are a great choice for walkways, trails, driveways, parking lots and roadways. Ozinga partnered with Studio Gang and the Chicago Park District using Filtercrete for safe and ADA-compliant exterior pavement at Chicago’s two most recent riverside boathouse projects.  The award-winning WMS Boathouse at Clark Park and the Eleanor Boathouse at Park 571 both feature Filtercrete pervious concrete, providing a safe and environmentally friendly pavement for city residents using these exciting new riverside facilities. Check out the video below.

Lawrence’s Fish and Shrimp was the first local project to use the FilterStar system thanks to SPACECO Inc. engineering. The Village of Westmont, IL recently selected Ozinga’s FilterStar porous paver system as the surface for their two newest alleys, and they are planning two more in 2017. Filtercrete pervious concrete and the FilterStar system were chosen for their eco-friendly benefits as well as their safety for the public.

Filtercrete pervious concrete and FilterStar porous paver systems are both great sustainable concrete options for your next construction project. Ozinga would be happy to help you reap the benefits of pervious concrete. Contact one of our concrete experts for more information.

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